Taunton Western Little League


The health and safety of our players, coaches and entire community is our foremost priority.

As we have for the past year, TWLL will, at all times, comply with all federal, state and local health and safety regulations regarding COVID-19.  


We are following a specific COVID-19 safety plan for the 2021 season that meets or exceeds all required regulations. Each component of this plan has been implemented according to the guidance received from the Center for Disease Control, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, The Massachusetts Department of Public Health, the City of Taunton Board of Health and Little League International.  

This plan will be adjusted when needed in order to always remain in compliance and to best serve our community.

Majors Division (Ages 10-12)

The majors Division is our most competitive division at Taunton West Little League (“the League”).  Teams play between 20-25 games and begin off-season training in January.  Regular season games begin Mid-late April and end beginning of June.  Playoffs follow the regular season.   Teams are drafted and if selected to a team, players will remain on that same team the following year until they age out of the League.  

Teams are formed solely on draft, there are no "play with" coach or player requests.  Teams play 3 games a week. Teams will usually have 1 practice during the week and 1 or 2 practices on the weekend.  Typically, games are Monday thru Friday with start times of 5:30 in April and 5:45 from May to June. 12-Year-olds will make Majors, unless for a player’s safety or skill level, an exception will be made to play Triple A.

Triple A Division (Ages 8-12)

The triple A division is a competitive division.  This division is designed for our more advanced 8-year-olds to "make the jump" to more advanced baseball. This division is a stepping stone to our Major Division with an emphasis on player learning and skill development for the Majors Division.  Continuous batting orders are used, players cannot sit out consecutive innings, and all players must play 1 inning in infield per game.   All 9-year-olds, and 10-12 that were not drafted to a Majors team also compete at this level.  There will be an "evaluation camp" held prior to team assignments to ensure parity between teams in the Triple A Division.  

Teams will either be drafted or assigned to a team based on the evaluation camp, previous coach's evaluations, and input from Triple A Managers, Minor League Director, and TWLL Player Agent. 8-year-olds may choose to play in the Double A division or through coach's evaluations. This, along with consultation from the TWLL Player Agent and Minor League Director, the player may be assigned to Double A Division.  

Teams will play a 15-18 game schedule. The season starts at the beginning of April and runs thru the middle of June.  Playoffs follow the regular season.  Teams play 2 and sometimes 3 games a week.  Typically, games are Tuesday and/or Thursday and every Saturday afternoon at 2:30. Weekday games are at 5:45. Teams practice every Sunday and sometimes during the week.

Double A Division (Ages 6-8)

Double A is a development division with a focus on enhancing player’s baseball skills and knowledge of the game.  All 6-, 7-, and 8-year-olds that need more experience and development will play in the Double A Division.   

This division is a mechanical machine pitch and coach pitch division.  Continuous batting orders are used, players cannot sit out consecutive innings, and all players must play 1 inning in infield per game (catcher does not count).  

Teams will be assigned by the Minor League Director.  Teams will play a 14-18 game season.  Games are typically played on Wednesday at 5:45 and on Saturday's at 12:00.  Practices are held on Sundays.  The season begins at the beginning of April and ends in the middle of June.  Playoffs follow the regular season.

T-Ball Division (Ages 4-5)

T-Ball Division is an introductory division to baseball.  Our main goal is introducing the children to the game of baseball and prepare them to advance to our next divisions. 

Our focus is on the fundamentals of throwing, fielding, catching, base-running, and for children to have fun.  A tee will be used followed by advancing to coach thrown soft toss.  Practice/Games are held once a week on Saturday mornings at 10 am. There will be a 45-minute practice followed by a 2 to 3 inning "game."  The season begins at the end of April and continues for 8 to 10 weeks thru the mid to end of June for.

T-Ball Division (Ages 4-5):

  • Baseball pants/Sweatpants
  • Cleats (Optional)
  • Baseball glove
  • Bat (Optional)
  • Helmet (Optional)
  • Batting gloves (Optional)
  • Team shirt and hat are provided.


 Triple A Division (Ages 8-12), Double A Division (Ages 6-8):


  • Baseball pants (Color determined by Coach)
  • Cleats 
  • Baseball glove
  • Bat (Optional)
  • Helmet with face shield (Optional)
  • Batting gloves (Optional)
  • Team shirt and hat are provided.

See link on home page for Little League Age Chart. Register on the League registration page according to the League age your child is. Example: If your child is League age 10 or 11, register for Majors eligible players.  If your child is League age 8 and wants to be eligible for Triple A, register your player at the Triple A level.  If you have any questions, please contact the TWLL Player Agent at playeragent.twll@gmail.com

Yes!  TWLL is only as good as its volunteers.  The more the merrier.  We are always looking for coaches, managers, team moms and dads, concession stand volunteers, help with the field maintenance, and sponsorships.  All volunteer coaches will need to fill out a background check.  To volunteer complete the Volunteer Form and contact the TWLL Coaching Director at coaching.twll@gmail.com. People interested in helping manage or coach at the Triple A, Double A, or T-ball division please reach out to the Minor League Director at minorleague.twll@gmail.com.

  • T-Ball Division (Ages 4-5): $60
  • Double A Division (Ages 6-8): $100
  • Triple A Division (Ages 8-12): $150
  • Majors Division (Ages 10-12): $200
  • There is a $350 Family Maximum.

Yes! Taunton West Little League has partnered with T-Mobile to help pay for families that cannot afford the fee.  Click here to apply. Please reach out to TWLL Player Agent if you have any questions?  

Yes.  Taunton West Little League is completely run and operated by volunteers. The mowing of the lawns, emptying trash barrels, coaching the teams, painting bleachers, and yes working the concession stand is all done by VOLUNTEERS. Expect to do concession duty and other tasks during the season.  The money our League makes in the concession stand enables us to buy equipment, pay electric bills, pay umpires, maintain the fields, etc.  We have one of the best-looking facilities in Massachusetts, all while keeping our player fees low. This is in large part to the profits we make in the concession stand.

TWLL Player Agent, Courtney Chilingarian - playeragent.twll@gmail.com

TWLL Coaching Director, Tyler Martin, coaching.twll@gmai.com

TWLL Minor League Director, Tyler Doehler, minorleague.twll@gmail.com